Tuesday, January 31, 2012

News: Netflix

To be truthful, this isn't necessarily new information, as it was originally reported back in September of last year, but instead serves as a reminder to the forgetful or notice to the unknowing.  February 28th marks the end of a contract with Starz and Netflix, which will result in the removal of approximately 1,000 titles available instantly streaming from Starz Play.  When this was originally announced, it caused Netflix stocks to plummet.  Starz has provided much of the recent and relevant content on Netflix, in regards to movies at least.

Some argue that this will actually be good for Netflix, as it will allow the company to save $300 million that would have gone to Starz and instead allocate it somewhere else.  Netflix has started to make deals for original programming and exclusive content, such as the upcoming new season of Arrested Development.

While only time will tell the affect this will cause in the long run for Netflix, I strongly urge everyone who has a Netflix subscription to make use of the catalog of content that theoretically will be gone by the end of the month.  Although I primarily have used Netflix to watch television shows I had not watched previously, admittedly a number of the movies I have watched have been made available by the Starz Play deal.  It is kind of a shame for any consumer to watch as a price gets hiked while simultaneously losing a ton of content from said service.  Here's hoping for a positive outcome for Netflix.