Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer ending. New beginning.

Classes have started once again.  Summer events are at a close.  While at the beginning of the summer I had been posting a lot more frequently, work became busier and my time became shorter.  Now that there is a change of pace, I will be posting with more frequency once again effective immediately.  Get ready to see blogs upon blogs of generic reviews of films, video games, various news I find interesting and anything else that seems post-worthy to me.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New PSO 2 Information

If you are a fan of PSO, you have to be cautious at this point with any news regarding a new game in the series.  I was a huge fan of PSO on Sega Dreamcast and all its iterations up and through Gamecube.  I still play PSO BB on occasion on the PC.  I did purchase and play PSU somewhat extensively, but it just wasn't the same.  This was the general consensus of everyone I knew from PSO too.  We all wanted something a little more like PSO.  So since the moment I had heard PSO 2 was in the works, I've been excited but also hesitant to allow myself to be too anticipatory.  So far, a lot has been revealed.  The art direction seems to be a cross between PSO and PSU.  There is also a lot of character customization being implemented.  While what made PSO so nostalgic to many people is a pretty diverse question, I think the community of PSO fans can all unite in the hopes for Sega to deliver something that will recapture our interest for the game.  This is definitely a hard thing for Sega to tackle, as what made PSO for me may not be the same thing for others.  They can't recreate the same game with updated graphics and pass it off as new, but at the same time they can't too drastically depart from the original concept.

Still, I'll remain hesitantly hopeful.  I will probably purchase it when it comes out to make the decision for myself.  Until then, if you're a fan, keep yourself updated on the news for PSO by visiting
There you can find new screenshots, as well as video of the game in action.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3DS price slashed at retail.

Anyone who has been following the post release of the Nintendo 3DS has most likely heard that the price will be dropping to $169.99 from its original $250.00 price tag.  This is to entice buyers who are on the fence to join in on the system before many of the major games land later this year.  Nintendo hopes to expand the user by then so that it will sell a lot of games come the holiday season.

In order to apologize to the early adopters for cutting the price so early, Nintendo has come up with the Ambassador program, which allows people who purchase the 3DS before August 12th, the ability to get 20 free older Nintendo games. 

For those who are avid hunters of deals, you may already be aware that Walmart, and in response to Walmart, other stores like Target and Best Buy have been implementing the sale earlier than August 12th, which means those who buy now, will be getting the best of both worlds.  This is kind of like a bizarre black Friday deal.

So, with a bunch of conditionals attached, if you don't have the Nintendo 3DS already, you have been on the fence about purchasing the 3DS, you acknowledge there is still sometime before more titles build up the library of 3DS games and that this doesn't play a major role in your will to purchase, then you should consider acting tomorrow, August 11th, by purchasing the 3DS and connecting it to the eshop.  It is unlikely that there will be a major price decrease on top of this already major cut.  As well, it is unlikely there will be a redesign any time soon as it would be risky for Nintendo to do so.  I would say this is a "buy it now or never," scenario, as this deal will probably go unrivaled for a good time to come.  Check out some of the free games announced for the ambassador program here.