Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Movie: Limitless

I thought Limitless was a pretty interesting movie.  It is currently available streaming instantly on Netflix. It centers itself around the ever fascinating topic regarding the fact that humans don't use the entirety of their brains, and humors the affects that would occur if a drug were able to allow one to harness that other portion.   
A demotivated writer named Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), serendipitously happens upon his ex- brother in law from his past marriage, who also happens to be a shady drug dealer.  Eddie, being in such a depressed and uninspired funk, eventually decides to take a specific drug that he was ensured would help him focus, and transforms into an extremely intelligent, witty guy with an incredible drive for being constructive.  However, when the drug wears off, he loses this ability to harness the rest of his brain and becomes regular old Eddie again.  This sets the stage for a plethora of interesting events and engagements with other people Eddie would never have met or interacted with, had he not taken the drug.

The movie is pretty entertaining.  The colors of the movie are dull and gray when Eddie is sober and brilliantly colorful when he is on the drug.  Without spoiling it, obviously things start to happen that shakes the foundation of Eddie's new lifestyle.
If you haven't seen it, give it a viewing.  If anything, it will probably make you consider what you would attempt with new-found confidence and brainpower.


  1. I saw the movie. It's entertaining but I didn't care for its pro-drug message, even if it wasn't intended.

  2. Sounds interesting!

  3. Think I'll watch this tonight.

  4. But don't all drugs make you think your smart and cool? How do we know hes not just being an ass and thinks hes cool.

  5. There's a reason why you don't use 100% of your brain at a time, you'd end up in a seizure. That's what would happen.

  6. All the drugs meka you cool ;D

    +follow, followme ;)