Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Video Game: Bastion

Bastion takes a very unique approach to some tried and true gaming elements.  It is stylish, artistic, atmospheric, and although the story may not make a whole lot of sense while you're going through it, thanks to its excellent soundtrack and interesting narration, it feels heavy.

In Bastion, you are "The Kid."  The world has gone to heck due to an apocalyptic event dubbed "The Calamity."    All those that once existed are now gone, save for a few key characters.  Landscapes have been torn asunder.  Creatures that used to exist peacefully are now hostile.  Your task is to travel this desolate world in the sky and collect shards that will restore the Bastion, a place built for such an occasion, that has the power to restore the world to a previous time before the calamity occurred.

In Bastion, the action and game play reminds me a lot of Diablo. You collect choice new weapons and level up becoming stronger and with new perks each level.  You can upgrade said weapons and use a distillery to provide further bonuses to be used as you try to rectify the wrongs caused by the calamity.

As mentioned before, a key element to this game is its awesome narration which provides a very cool and unique atmosphere not found in many other games.  A grizzly voiced old man essentially recounts The Kid's tale as you go through with it.  The narration adapts to whatever you do.  If you select two oddly paired weapons, the narrator will make a comment about that.  If you walk off a cliff, the narrator will provide a tongue and cheek response to that mistake.  This narration, coupled with the appropriate music, culminates into what I considered a very enjoyable experience.  The game is not overlong, and does leave you with a yearn for more, and options to continue on with incentives to restart the game at the end.

If you haven't already, pick up Bastion for the PC on Steam.  If you can catch it on a deal, all the better.  It's worth the investment, in my opinion.


  1. The cool narration is a novel idea to use. I like games that do stuff like this to make the game unique.

  2. Pshaw I'm staying away from Steam deals. They get me every time. (>.<)