Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Movie: The Adventures of Tintin

Another movie theater trip with friends, another audaciously mortifying experience with surround sound popcorn and foot stamping aplenty.  Whoever set the trend for it being all right to chow down with some of the most ridiculously loud food possible to eat while simultaneously paying money to watch something that commands the respect of silence and concentration, especially when surrounded by large groups of people that will most definitely be subject to the whim of the consumer's masseter muscles overture, should have a taste of their own medicine with ears wide open.

With that, I'd like to recommend The Adventures of Tintin.  This movie utilizes motion capture and 3D animation.  The end result is something that looks visually stunning and downright realistic in some situations.  The movie follows the story of Tintin, a journalist who goes on many an adventure with his trusty and intelligent dog, Snowy.  Often times, two similar looking bumbling interpol agents happen to be on the same case and often tie into the story with humorous effect.  Another key character, Captain Haddock, a seafaring man who's thirst for adventure is as unquenchable as his love for alcohol, generally gets dragged into the fray.  I had never read the books/comics, nor had I seen the TV show, so I went into the movie knowing very little about the source material, save my friends' high hopes for the film.  That didn't seem to matter though, as it essentially supplied the viewer with all the information they needed to know about the history of Tintin.

With Stephen Spielberg at the helm and John Williams doing the music, I could quickly tell this film wasn't going to disappoint, just by the stylistic opening credits and theme.  Apparently Tintin has gone on many adventures, but this one epic is definitely worth seeing in my opinion.  An action packed adventure filled with suspense and mystery, some humorous elements and fast paced forward momentum.  The movie had seamlessly excellent transitions between the scenes and some pretty neatly illustrated chase scenes as well.  It all fits neatly together to be a pretty enjoyable experience.  It is a pretty clever movie and I'd expect most people would enjoy it.  I recommend you give it a chance, especially if you've got a yearn for adventure you would like to whet. 


  1. This movie made me feel warm inside.. Such a great piece of art. Watch it in 3D if it's possible the Pirate Boat scenes are paradise. Nice presentation.

  2. I must admit, I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to see this film, but you made it sound pretty appealing.

    "Masseter muscles overture" almost made me spit tea all over my computer haha.

  3. This was a great movie. I almost want to say it was just as good as Pixar's work...