Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie: The Big Lebowski

I remember when this movie came out 14 years ago and people were talking about it, at a younger age I watched some of it but only made it a quarter of the way through, not really following or appreciating its uncanny flow of story.  Years later, after the the Coen brothers have made an even bigger name for themselves with blockbusters like No Country For Old Men, Burn After Reading and True Grit's remake, I decided to revisit this movie.

I am very glad I did.  This comedy is absolutely hysterical and genuinely entertaining.  The story revolves around "The Dude"  who's real name is Jeffrey Lebowski.  His typical day revolves around meandering about, drinking white russians, and bowling with his other dead beat pals, John Goodman's character being a Vietnam vet and Steve Buscemi's character being a befuddled abused bowler along for the ride.  Things get mixed up when the dude gets mistaken for a millionaire by the same name, Lebowski.  Thugs try to get the money owed to them from the wrong Lebowski and proceed to pee on his rug that "really tied the room together."  Then the film transitions to a kidnapping scenario.  The Coen brothers are really good at developing characters.  Really the plot doesn't matter in this movie, but instead serves to create scenarios for these different characters to interact.  That is what this movie is really about.

If you haven't ever seen this film, there is a chance that it isn't for you.  It doesn't really follow a linear predictable story, but again ties scenarios together for the sake of letting these characters develop.  As such, it yields some pretty hilarious interaction between The Dude, his friends, and some upper crust of society.  Years later, I've now determined I really like it.  I'm given the impression this is one of those films you could watch many times and still get enjoyment out of.


  1. I saw it as a kid. I guess I should check it out again as an adult! See what I missed! Thanks for reminding me of this movie!

  2. I actually haven't seen this movie! Shame on me.