Monday, December 5, 2011

Movie: Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood is an animated film, currently available on Netflix.  Batman has had a stellar career when it comes to his animated adventures.  If you are a fan of the 90's series or any Batman that is not really campy, you will feel right at home watching this.

Most people don't adapt well to change.  Consistently, in most of the animated films and tv shows revolving around Batman, Kevin Conroy has voiced Batman, while Mark Hamill has voiced the Joker.  The most recent (and perhaps final appearance of these two voice actors together in the same media) would be the new Batman games, Arkham Asylum, as well as Arkham City.  At first I was a little disappointed to discover that neither of them were involved in this film.  Even further, I was disappointed to find out that the story would revolve around Robin.  A good majority of Batman fans will attest that when Robin is included in a story, it often times results in a less than appealing outing for Batman.

I was really content to learn that although most of these factors seemed to spell out disaster for this film, it is probably one of the better, if not the best animated Batman I've seen.  The film really captures what is so cool about Batman.  It also tells a pretty touching tail that makes one rethink Robin's position in the series.  It definitely made me eat my words.

If you're a fan of Batman, I highly recommend you give this a shot.  It is really well animated, dark, action packed and intense.


  1. I'm a Batman fan but never really strayed to far into the animated stuff, I might have to change that.

  2. I might give it a shot even though I don't care much for the caped crusader!