Thursday, November 3, 2011

Movie: Captain America

I went to another summer blockbuster with a friend.  The environment was less than pleasant.  Behind us we had a child who broke almost all movie theater etiquette, kicking my seat, talking and asking questions throughout, performing tap dancing, rattling wrapping paper, chomping popcorn and bursting out laughing at the elderly dying on screen.  It made me reflect on how I may deal with children someday.  On the one hand I really don't think I would want to raise a child to be another drone in society and fit so well into the safety of the norm so as not to break it and be noticed.  On the other hand though, I think I would want to caution my child as to what is expected in certain settings so they don't ignorantly break the rules while being completely oblivious as to them doing anything wrong.  To the side of us there was a couple of twenty somethings, texting away throughout the movie.  This was most prevalent during quiet dark scenes, suddenly from the peripheral, one could notice the shimmering face of this person who was clearly not an actor/actress in the movie, accompanied by ticking sounds of the keypad.

Despite the chronic external noise, I did like Captain America.  The majority of the film is set during World War II.  An unexpected fragile soldier with a big heart becomes a hero in fighting against the evil Nazi's.  It's always been a compelling propaganda story in history, and seemed to adapt to film all right.  It is very obvious that a lot of the film is setting up for "The Avengers" movie due out next summer, with cross overs from Iron Man, as well as the expected Nick Fury appearance.  It also made me realize that if you're strong enough, you can make a heavy frisbee a pretty deadly weapon.  It was entertaining to watch and action packed.  I will agree with what film critic Roger Ebert said, that it does feel like the film is "Going through the motions," but that doesn't necessarily make it bad.  It is more or less what you would expect from this film and nothing more... or less.

If you are a fan of comic book adapted films, you're going to want to see this one.  He is the first Avenger after all, and surely you will want to be prepared for the crossover film next year.  Just do not go in expecting to be surprised and you will most likely enjoy this film.


  1. Some kids are just rude, every generation has them and they grow up to have crappy kids. Its the circle of rudeness.

  2. Might have to scoop this up on dvd soon.

  3. That was a good review. I expect to agree with you when I see it.

  4. i watched it last week and thought it was really good.