Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

After seeing the stellar first part of the adaptation of J.K Rowling's 7th Potter book, it was a downright necessity to see the end.  I had read all of the books throughout life previously, so each time one of these movies came along, I've been quick to notice what I do and don't like about the movies.  For instance, many people didn't like the 5th book, but it stuck out to me as one of my more favored entries.  However, the movie for the 5th left me wanting.  It felt like it was on fast forward most of the time.  I also remember key parts in the book that seemed glaringly ignored in the movie, which made me wonder how they would explain things in the future movies.  I also didn't really like the 3rd movie, because it felt like half the movie summed up 90% of the book, with the other half summing up the conclusion; the end result seeming like an unequal lopsided telling of what was originally a pretty in depth story.
With these points aside, the majority of the movies were really good.  The 4th, 6th and these last two especially stuck out as very good adaptations that really worked well.  Before I talk about the movie itself, I might as well recap the obvious point that when you go to a movie, you are going to become absorbed in the film.  I had many distractions throughout the course of the showing, with a kid next to me continually waving his arms as if to press piano keys that would make the noise "DUN DUN DUN!!!!" each time some pivotal point by the villain would take place.  As well, the speaker above us was constantly making what sounded like someone finishing off their soda, slurping away.  At first I thought it was some weird sound effect for the snake, but unfortunately it was just a rattling speaker.  This caused many turning heads towards it in an effort to give it a dirty eye glance, with no such luck of stopping its persistent interruptions.  I mention these distractions, because although they sucked me out of the films grasp often momentarily, I had ease drifting right back in.

By this point, all of the characters are extremely developed.  You have genuine care and concern for what each of them represent.  Much of the credit of course goes to the author, for writing such a captivating story, but those who adapted it into a film did a really good job.  The only part I felt could have been handled better was the Snape's memory scene.  It really hit home in the book.  I kind of understand why they did it the way they did, but I didn't feel it left the same residual effect in the viewer, that those who read it would have most definitely felt.  Other than that, the movie deserves all the praise it has been getting and more.  It is dark, suspenseful, dramatic and powerful.  Many fans feel they've grown up with these movies, which in fact they literally have as the actors have aged into their roles.  If you are a Harry Potter fan and have read the books/seen the movies, I don't have to tell you that this is a necessary watch.  If you are interested but have never read or seen the others, I'd highly suggest viewing those first or you're going to be completely lost.

By the end of the movie, I felt a door closing.  Finally the film adaptations are complete.  Now for us all to await either another book in the series that J.K Rowling said she wouldn't be making, or a spin off movie that those who worked on the film will never secure the rights to,  or a reboot of all the films when the next jump in technology takes place. 


  1. I like how the movies went from being Disney-esque adventure films to full on epic adventure films.

  2. I think they'll remake all the movies with new actors!

  3. Neville's scene sucked. Otherwise, not bad!

  4. Don't know what Henry's talking about, Neville kicked ass in that movie.